Boom Boom Speaker by Mathieu Lehanneur
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portable bluetooth speaker
A portable wireless speaker with a simple, friendly design. Equipped with a Siri-like voice to help with operations. It can also be used to make calls through Skype and Facetime. See video here. BUY

The Uchiwa Chair by Doshi Levien
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chair, lounger
A chair based on a Japanese fan by the Anglo-Indian couple Doshi Levien. Nipa Doshi: The language that interests me, is that of the hybrid. The visual language that cannot be placed or defined. The language that talks about plurality of global culture and ideas.”

Mirrored Range Hood
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mirror, range hood, kitchen
How best to handle the bulky kitchen range hood? In recent years, some designers have tried to turn its prominence into an asset by making it sculptural. In this case the Italian manufacturer Elica tries to disguise the hood with a mirrored frame. Would you put this in your kitchen?


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