Mirrored Range Hood
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mirror, range hood, kitchen
How best to handle the bulky kitchen range hood? In recent years, some designers have tried to turn its prominence into an asset by making it sculptural. In this case the Italian manufacturer Elica tries to disguise the hood with a mirrored frame. Would you put this in your kitchen?

Clover Plate by Natalie Busch
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Ceramic Plate, tableware
Hand-etched, hand-painted. Like a black-and-white cookie, but in ceramic. BUY. [via remodelista]

Floating Kitchen Shelves
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kitchen renovation, austin
How faithful should a mid-century renovation be to its original condition? In Austin, architects Rick and Cindy Black created light by adding a window behind floating shelves — a feature you’d never see in the original. Does it improve matters or confuse the kitchen’s identity?


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