House Addition by Iredale Pedersen Hook
33% 1 2 Total Votes3

house, residential
In Perth, an addition to a 1930s house with a faceted shape that echoes the sloped surfaces of the original home and the Queen Anne houses of the neighborhood. The architects: “A Jekyll and Hyde quality, the street appearance remains almost untouched; a silent figure, a backdrop, the rear is the extrovert, complex and challenging.”

Boom Boom Speaker by Mathieu Lehanneur
50% 1 1 Total Votes2

portable bluetooth speaker
A portable wireless speaker with a simple, friendly design. Equipped with a Siri-like voice to help with operations. It can also be used to make calls through Skype and Facetime. See video here. BUY

The Uchiwa Chair by Doshi Levien
86% 6 1 Total Votes7

chair, lounger
A chair based on a Japanese fan by the Anglo-Indian couple Doshi Levien. Nipa Doshi: The language that interests me, is that of the hybrid. The visual language that cannot be placed or defined. The language that talks about plurality of global culture and ideas.”


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