Carbon House by Mjölk Architekti
67% 18 9 Total Votes27

house, design, architecture
Finished with Fire: Thirteen years ago the Dutch designer Maartan Baas introduced Smoke Chair, an armchair singed to a dark finish. The Czech studio Mjölk Architekti has created a similar effect with their Carbon house,a structure with timber planks slightly burned so that they have a varied black to pale brown appearance.

Basement Den
62% 13 8 Total Votes21

design, interior design, basement, renovation
In Austin, a basement media room built as a renovation afterthought with a concrete retaining wall and a corrugated ceiling.

Orwell Sofa by Álvaro Goula and Pablo Figuera
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design, sofa, furniture
sofa, design, furniture
An example of the ongoing emphasis on flexible furniture. In this case, a sofa that transforms into a soft-sided tent-like room for sleeping or reading.


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